Becoming Stronger Christians: Meaningful Ministry

Even though you might not know it... we ALL have a ministry! Ministry doesn't have to be ONLY going into positions in church, a person can have a ministry being a plumber, a cook, painter, nurse, or ANYTHING that the Lord has blessed and molded the individual to be! However, it's what we DO with that ministry that can make a difference, good or bad. When we begin to use our ministry for good... we will see lives change. When lives change, people notice! But sometimes when people begin to notice... it becomes a challenge to remember where praise should go. Over time, one begins to build their ministry around personal praise. We MUST not lose track on whose mission we are on... We must not make our ministry about ourselves.

                                                 A ministry MUST be about the Lord... and the Lord, ONLY.

If the purpose of one's ministry is merely how many "likes", "comments", or "praise" that is given, then unfortunately, one has an evaporated the true substance and purpose of the intention. A ministry is the planting of seeds about our Lord in others and spreading the good news/promises that have been given.

Sometimes... we might NEVER know how many seeds and how many lives we change! So because of this... it doesn't matter about praise, what matters is substance!

If one person has two sickly cows, does that person have more quantity then a person with one healthy cow? Well... Yes! But does the person with two sickly cows have better quality of cows? Well... No.

So in the terms of a ministry... Ask yourself, What's more pleasing to the Lord?

                                    A ministry + with tons of attention - NO lives changed...


                                    A ministry - with no attention + ALL (who come in contact) CHANGED for the Lord.....

It doesn't take long to realize that a ministry (no matter how big or how much praise, etc) that impacts the people who it comes in contact with... is more pleasing to the Lord then a ministry built around praise to ourselves. Now there is NOTHING wrong with having an overly successful ministry... as long as it is being used for the right purpose...

                                                                                                ...less about me, more about him.

"And when you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they will be heard because of their many words." - Matthew 6:7