Welcome to The Well!

You might ask, “What is this Christianity thing? What is it all about?” Christianity is a belief that all are created by God and all have been given life through his son, Jesus. True Christianity is fueled by people less focused on telling the world of their own perfections, but instead, centered around telling the world of their OWN imperfections. Christians believe that ALL are born with sin (Yes… Even Christians), and this is why our God, the maker of the WHOLE universe, sent his son, Jesus, to live as man without sin… and die as man without sin. Jesus died and rose again to give ALL who believe in him a possibility to not parish or be stained by sin…but instead a reality that every single sin/every single mistake… CAN be forgiven and you can be washed white as snow and to not perish… but to have everlasting life. Now lets pause… I know that you are thinking, “With all of the craziness of this world, it sure would be nice to have someone that would never leave me and someone to provide REAL hope for me! This sounds almost too good to be true!” Well… guess what…? Would you believe me if I told you that Jesus IS true? Would you believe me if I told you that there is more to this life than you think? You probably already have tons of questions, right!? Well take heart and get ready, because it all is true and can be found in a book called the Bible! The Bible is more than a great story… it is true history that is filled with God’s promises to us. It will answer a lot of the many questions you have about life… It is the word of God. I believe that you are on this site for a reason… I believe that the Lord is using me to get to you. I believe that when we truly start living in Christ, we will look at life with new understanding. We will never again have to ask, “Is life worthwhile? Is there more to this life?” When the thoughts of Christ fill us and the Holy Spirit saturates our spirit, I believe that we will realize the rich quality of our lives and our faith, and we will be TRANSFORMED and made NEW! Though the road is tough, there is hope out of the storm. This I believe.

On this road that the Lord provides, we must encourage and love more! We must continue driving through it all. Drive even though your heart might be breaking, even though worry gets you down, and even though you don’t know what’s ahead, You MUST have a solid faith in the Lords plan for you!

With so much out there to bring you down, it is hard to find something to lift you up. This premise is the reason for this site. This site is attended to offer an escape from the world. A place of encouragement, motivation, worship, reference, praise, etc. while being a place of gathering. May this site give you a better understanding of the love of Jesus Christ. Welcome to the well.

-Jonah Fair

“But I, with a song of thanksgiving, will sacrifice to you. What I have vowed I will make good. Salvation comes from the LORD.” – Jonah 2:9